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2022 Mini-Grants

  • Eight grants of up to $25,000 are available. 
  • Deadline for applications is 4:00pm, ET, January 9, 2023.
  • Interested parties are asked to email for formal application form.
  • Follow us on Twitter @HC2P_ca for announcements.

This is the first Call for Proposals (CFP) for Research Grants offered by the Human-Centric Cybersecurity Partnership (HC2P). This round will offer eight grants of up to $25,000, making available $200,000 for such projects.


Projects must target some aspect of the three primary research clusters of HC2P:

  (#1) society and public policy cluster,

  (#2) regulatory cluster, or

  (#3) behavioural cluster.

Priority is given to proposals that address the stated research needs of HC2P’s partner organizations (a list is provided on the home page of this website).

Applicants who wish to demonstrate the utility of their projects for policy are invited to submit a letter of support from a relevant government department, a company, or a non-profit, along with their application.


The principal investigator (and holder of funds) identified in the application must hold a faculty position at a Canadian university, and be a co-investigator of HC2P, in good standing. Those not yet affiliated may apply for affiliation prior to submitting a proposal (see below).

Research Assistants may include graduate students, and Partners are generally either governmental or non-governmental institutions.

We particularly welcome applications from supervisors on behalf of their PhD students for funding for students in support of a defined portion of their PhD research.


To become an affiliate, HC2P requires the completion of an application, submission of a recent CV and, and a brief (1/2 page) statement of how one's research agenda is related to the activities of HC2P. To be eligible for applying to this Call, the principal investigator should submit a request for affiliation alongside a grant application.

Submissions will be accepted until the deadline of 4:00pm ET, January 9 2023. 


****To request a copy of the application form that is to be used for this call please email Michael Joyce at

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